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    It would be a perfect application if we could create our own templates and import custom logos
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    One thing I loved about 1Password in terms of it's UI was the fact that it grabbed the website favicon for any entries with a URL in them. That would eliminate (or replace) the need for specific icons and having to keep them updated or maintained. I think it'd be a nice addition to the UI for Enpass.
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    Option to store (and protect of course) Pictures - Photos or Images on Enpass Store pictures like "Secure Photo" (mimiking Secure Note) or something like that Store pictures as "New Items" ... when you add a new item, another in the list can be "Picture" But even more, every type of added element should allow to add a picture, that's useful for example for when you add a credit card, a club card, a check, a bill, a handwritten note... etc. maybe allowing to add it as a "custom field" thought "add new field" action.... there is a "Field Type" Thats my request
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    I understand that you do not wish to open-source your product, but I am reluctant to use it because of the fact it is closed-source, the company is based in India (yes, this matters) and there is no information about the development team. Have you considered having an independent 3rd-party audit your source-code on a regular basis as a way to gain credibility without open-sourcing your product? Thanks, Gili
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    I would love to use Enpass for my everyday life and at work to share passwords with my teammates securely. But I don't want them to see my personal passwords obviously, so we need to create a second vault. Problem is that there is no way to open multiple vaults at a time.
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    Good Morning, I have been using EnPass for a while as my primary password manager and love it. One feature that I would really love to see is a way for EnPass to authenticate me to SSH servers
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    Hi Enpass Team, It would be nice if you could support autofill/submit for HTTP Auth. ChromeiPass does it, so it must be possible for you ;). Thx!
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    I don't agree with you. To give you an example: When you buy a software, you normally get a serial-number (which you can already save it in Enpass). But some software are providing a license-file instead of a serial number. This files are very small and I don't want to store dem separate in a encrypted folder. As I have written previously, for bigger data we can use encrypted folder, but license-files or key-files have in opinion the same priority as passwords. Another point is the sync with the cloud. I don't know, how the development-team have implemented the sync function, but nowadays it's possible to sync only the changes between two files. Next today we have highspeed Internet and so the sync takes some seconds. The last point (I don't want to attack you) if this feature is implemented, nobody forces you to use it. So if you don't attach documents to Enpass, the DB of Enpass will stay at the same size as it is now. It's fine that you only store passwords in Enpass, but in my case some files(cert,...) are used to authenticate me on some services. These files are used like passwords and for this reason I also want to store it in the same location as all my other passwords.
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    It would by nice to have a System wide shortcut like 1Password Mini to quick access enpass in every situation. I would also by nice to full controll the enpass "Mini" by keyboard.
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    Hi, Is it possible to create a new category for faster access to TOTP as on my picture. With a click would be possible to reach all TOTP codes, and it would help find TOTP codes faster on the job computer where I can not install Enpass.
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    Hi @DustinDauncey, Here we are planning to introduce a rich icon support for URLs and of course, our team is putting vast efforts to deliver the best. At the moment I can't confirm any ETA. Keep suggesting. Thanks a lot
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    Hey guys,Thanks for your suggestions. they are already in our roadmap and will be available with our future versions.
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    Enpass on desktops should be split into two separate programs: EnpassCore.exe: This executable file constitutes the core Enpass service that browser plugins communicate with. It should have no window-based-UI whatsoever. This is also what users (and/or the installer) would add to the boot sequence. On boot, adding an icon to the tray (on Windows) or the menu bar (on OSX) would be the only clue it is running. EnpassUI.exe: This executable file constitutes the windowed UI. If EnpassCore isn't running, launching the EnpassUI would automatically launch EnpassCore as well. From any browser plugin, EnpassUI should never be more than a single click away. Benefits: EnpassCore has no windowed UI, so we could launch it as part of the boot sequence without having to deal with the annoying Enpass window being opened on every boot. A UI window should be in in one of the following states: opened, minimized, maximized, or closed. Since EnpassCore is always represented in the tray and EnpassUI is independent of that, there would be absolutely no need for the additional and unusual "minimized but in the tray" state Enpass currently employs. By separating what should be purely a background process from the front-end UI, we can eliminate the need for the quirky "minimize to tray" option and also say goodbye to the bothersome "Click here to restore Enpass" message that is shown every time Enpass is minimized to the tray on Windows 10. In a nutshell, how and when we require the UI for data lookup or data entry should have no affect on whether or not the Enpass service is running in the background. Because EnpassCore has no windowed UI, it could be very "lean and mean", thereby not noticeably impacting boot performance (assuming it's implemented as a native C/C++ application). For those people who are used to (or like) the way Enpass works now, there is no difference. Users can still add EnpassUI to the boot sequence and have the Enpass Window opened on boot if that is their preference. Technical thoughts: Architecturally, browser plugins and the EnpassUI would just be different clients of the same EnpassCore application. In the interest of a shared code base and developer productivity, EnpassCore would ideally be implemented as a C/C++ program that can be compiled on any of the platforms Enpass supports. I chose the filenames EnpassCore.exe and EnpassUI.exe only as a way to more clearly communicate their purpose. Nothing more. The filenames are not part of this suggestion. It would probably be best if EnpassUI is named enpass.exe, so that launching enpass.exe would open the windowed UI as it always has. In this way, people who don't know about, care, or want this change wouldn't be impacted by it at all.
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    Yes thats great but it would be greater to access the enpass menu bar icon by shutcut. For example: the Mac AppStore asks me for my password, i press alt + Space (for example) the enpass menu is comming up end i can directly start typing "iTunes" and select/copy the password by keyboard. Everything without using the mouse.
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    This would be absolutely an interesting feature. However, instead of storing only pictures, I'd prefer to have the possibility to import in a protected area also pdf files.
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    Hey guys! First of all, I would like to express my feelings of extreme happiness on seeing the first two posts of feature request on our Forum. Thanks a lot on behalf of whole Enpass team. The portable version is almost done and very soon we will release the Beta version of that. And you would be happy to know that along with being portable it will be cross-platform at the same time. Also we will add Forum for posting topics related to Beta version and hopefully it will help us alot in ameliorating the quality of final product. Once again, thanks alot for your efforts guys and keep posting!!
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    Hi! A great feature would be to implement wi-fi sync without using any cloud service. For example, when your phone is connected on the same wifi as your computer, they automatically sync their data. That would be perfect for people who don't trust cloud services and only want their files to be stored locally.
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    Hello, on top of request for Identity / form filling in the browser extension (and waiting impatiently for Enpass to support Edge extensions coming), I would like to know if there is any plan to be able to have the website icon of an URL instead of the limited preselected icon offered ? It would be great if : - we could choose the icon of our choice - the browser extension would automatically store the website icon if available. Thanks for great GREAT work on the product.
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    There are any plans for keyfile support? Just like KeePass does a file and a master password for access to the database. In my opinion is better for sync to the "cloud", a database out there and my keyfile always in local.
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    Every time when I create a new item in enpass I have to enter my username and my mailadress manually. Normally i use up to 5 different usernames and mailadresses over the most of my accounts. So, it would be easier if I could choose out of a list of my usernames or mailadresses when I select one of the elements. - the list could be created automatically out of the previous stored items. - or the different usernames and mailadresses has to be stored once in the enpass-settings Best wishes pitman
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    Hi, I think the Passwort Audit is a nice feature, but I have some ideas to improve it. The weak and the duplicate feature is nice, also for example if you import all your new passworts. As I have some assworts, which I can't change it will remaind me that these are weak. But the old feature we can improve in my opion. As I have for each entry a random unique passwort, I will not change them every month. I have more then 200 entries. So it would be great if we can disable only the old feature (not the whole password audit, as we can do it now) or better would be, if we can change the time. For example which passwort is older then 3, 6 and 9 months. Next I store a certain amount of different WLAN-passwords in the category "Computer", which are also showed in the old field. First I can't change and next I don't want to change my WLAN's so often. So it would be great if we can specify, if on the entries of a catogory will done the password audit or not. Cheers, edenhaus
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    Now that Windows Hello is supported in the UWP App, it would be nice if the initial unlock could be an option between Hello and the Master Password.
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    Lack of multiple vaults support would be the one thing to hold me back from adopting enpass. I have used eWallet for 10+ years and am considering enpass primarily because of Linux support and because eW doesn't seem to see much innovation in recent years (eg: their iOS integration is still subpar). I tried 1password but it failed at Linux support and also proper multi-vault support. I'd suggest keeping it simple; separate vaults which can (easily - 1-click) be selected at startup, stored in separate files/databases. For users who don't care about multiple vaults, this shouldn't intrude their workflow. I think eWallet's implementation of that feature is "just right"...
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    Thanks a lot for your investigation. That's strange. I'm not removing anything from the EnpassHelper as you can see here: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=enpass-bin but after downloading and replacing the EnpassHelper binary, the extension works. Not sure how this can happen tbh. I assume this must be some problem with makepkg or something. I can only do some wild guessing at this point Anyway. Thanks again for helping us out here Edit: FOUND IT and I wasn't that far off with my wild guess. I can disable striping for packages which will be done by default and caused this issue. Thanks a lot you guys
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    Hello @rk, Thanks a ton for all your time and efforts in writing such a delineating email which clearly portrays a cloud and subscription based software for small teams and Enterprises. Anything that is real demand of our beloved customers is added to our top priority list and we do our best to incorporate them in future versions. We are keeping notes of everything being mentioned here. Regards Hemant